Texas Cheapest Car Insurance


Insurance & Risk Consultants (IRC) is an independent insurance agency, which specializes in the management of personal and commercial risks. Weather you are shopping now for cheaper auto, homeowners or commercial insurance, you have come to the right place. If you have only experienced impersonalized sales of products and no options or service, then you’ll be blown away by our personalized service, insurance coverage options and a consultative approach to evaluate, assess and design the type of insurance protection that you need.

When you review this site, you’ll realize that as an independent insurance agency, we are more trustworthy with respect to competition for we have your best interest at heart. The longer you wait, the more you'll pay. Let us do the dirty work for you and save you money.

Many people never realize just how much more money they can save when your agent does the shopping for you. Have you begun to realize how this works? We do represent you and have access to an array of insurance carriers-we are not married to one insurance company.


If finding a bucket of money to pay for car insurance outright puts a bit of a strain on your finances, then you’ll likely want to consider a low monthly payment option to avoid running into hundreds of dollars considered by some to be average prices. The more you spread the cost across the life of the policy, the more you’ll want to consider car insurance companies that offer monthly installment options that make it possible. And there are a couple of reasons why cheap but good car insurance quotes are a viable option.

Some people say that until you’ve explored all the options available to you, you will always pay unnecessarily high car insurance premiums. If you have ever wondered “where can I find auto insurance comparisons online,” then finding a site or service that will deliver auto insurance comparisons without you having to fill out a million forms or getting flooded with calls because your information was sold to other businesses, it not as unbelievable as you might think.

When you deal with us, we protect your information and you’ll only talk to us. We represent over 35 companies and will do the dirty work for you to insure what matters. When you, decide now to get a quote, then you'll get the best rate once we do research and compare prices and coverages for you, before you ultimately decide to purchase car insurance, homeowners insurance or your business insurance. And what’s more important, we'll gather multiple quotes from several different companies in no time at all.